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Our entire lives, we are told that we can not breathe underwater. Thanks to early pioneers in 1942 by the Frenchmen Émile Gagnan and Jacques-Yves Cousteau, we are able to break the stigma and breathe in the underwater realm. Since inception, millions of divers have been certified to continue living the legacy of Cousteau and become explorers themselves. After all, we as a society have only uncovered a small percentage of the ocean; and who knows what is waiting for us. From the lakes and rivers of the inland waters, to the breathtaking crystal blue waters around the world, there is no shortage of exploration to be had. If you are looking to advanced your diving, check out our Advanced Diver Bundle.

At AQUI, we know that having the best gear, at the right price, is essential to your enjoyment underwater. We have carefully selected specific brands to work with that focus on safety, functionality, and design--of course. Our experts are here to guide and ensure you are diving to your fullest potential while looking great!

Equipment Recommendations

Typically, we recommend you start with a proper fitting mask, and a pair of nice fins to propel you through the water. No matter how beautiful the life underwater may be, a leaky mask, or floppy fins, will prevent us from embracing the full beauty. Fins are not just personal preference, but involve laws of physics as well. Fortunately, we've researched heavily, and tested, the best fins on the market so you don't have to. Our professionals only recommend what we dive ourselves. Remember, free diving fins are for free diving; there are a few crossover SCUBA and Snorkel fins that do work; however, it's best to choose a proper fin for each activity.

Next, we recommend selecting a proper fitting BCD over a regulator, or computer. This is 100% because of comfort. If you are not comfortable in your gear, you won't be comfortable on the dive. A well-designed and fitted BCD pairs beautifully with a high performance regulators delivering you a smooth and easy breathe each time. Remember, comfort is key!

There are numerous regulators on the market, and many are actually made from one of a few companies. As a consumer, our goal is to educate so you can make an informed decision--not to overwhelm you with 100 different options. Our regulator selection all work in recreational, and technical levels of diving; from warm waters to frozen lakes and rivers. 

Lastly, comes the computer. The most debated piece of equipment that is essential for delivering required information to keep us safe under water. From entry level devices, to high-tech everyday wearables, there is a budget for everyone. Based on over 20 years of experience, we choose: Garmin and Shearwater for our most trusted high-tech computers; and Deep6, Divesoft, and Suunto for other budget options.

If in doubt, contact our sales staff and we will be happy to provide a bespoke option that meets your diving needs, and budget.


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