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The Stream2Sea Story

Stream2Sea was founded in 2015 in Wauchula, FL after a dive trip in Palau made CEO & Founder Autumn Blum realize that the products we put on our bodies have many ingredients that could be highly toxic to our fragile aquatic ecosystem and even to us. Today, Stream2Sea is the only mineral-based sunscreen on the planet that’s been tested and proven safe for freshwater fish, saltwater fish, and coral larvae, and has passed the stringent HEL Labs Protect Land + Sea certification.
All products in the Stream2Sea line have passed an extensive range of tests – from microscopic C. elegans and freshwater fish to sensitive coral larva in the Florida Keys. Many products out there now claim to be reef-safe, and some of which are and some aren’t because reef-safe is not a government-regulated term. Stream2Sea has done the rigorous, expensive, scientific work to prove that our formulations are safe for our waters, making us the marine professional choice and hopefully yours too.

So the chemist, the environmentalist, and the explorer came together to create an eco-conscious skincare line that is healthy for our bodies AND for the waters of our planet.

Mission Statement

At the heart of each member of the Stream2Sea team is an obsessive drive for discovery and love for nature. Scuba diving, kayaking, swimming, hiking, camping, skiing…these are all a necessary part of our regular day-to-day living. We have carefully considered the ingredients commonly used to make skincare products while taking into account the effects they can have on our bodies and on our planet. We knew we could do better, so we did.

What the Cosmetic Chemist said…

Biodegradability, aquatic toxicity, and healthy attributes: these three concerns are hard to balance in any skincare product, especially when you consider the wide range of preservatives, additives, and chemicals that are approved for use by the FDA despite having been deemed harmful to either the body or the planet. We have developed our formulas by consciously choosing each ingredient for its efficacy, integrity, and non-harming influences.

What the Environmentalist said…

Fact: Over 6,000 TONS of skincare products enter coral reefs from tourist activities alone. This number doesn’t take into account the products entering our rivers, lakes, and streams through runoff, sewage, and more. While some brands in the market today claim to be “reef safe” and “ocean-friendly,” many contain ingredients that are known to harm the fragile ecosystems and marine life of our waters. We have allotted over 60% of our start-up costs to eco-lab testing so that we can state, with complete confidence, that we are the safest product on the shelves.

What the Explorer said…

We, as explorers of this awesome planet, have the ability to make educated decisions on the products we use to protect and care for our bodies. You shouldn’t have to be a chemist or environmentalist to know what ingredients are used or how those ingredients may impact our bodies or waters.  You shouldn’t be misguided by false advertising either. So Stream2Sea has chosen to be totally transparent in our journey to bring our products to you so that you not only understand what you’re using but can help other Explorers understand as well.


Our mission is to supply outdoor lovers with products that work great, keep them feeling good and healthy, and give them the confidence they are supporting a safe, sustainable, and science-based company.

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