Backmount Diving Systems

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The ability to streamline the diver's body and equipment in the water has significant advantages. Low drag reduces the effort needed to move through the water. The less effort, the better our gas consumption and the more time we get on our underwater adventure. The goal of a properly fitted system is to stay tight to the diver's body and cylinder. The effort is reduced, enjoyment of the dive is enhanced.

Expert Recreational and Technical divers will almost exclusively use wing-style BC systems. A wing will hold you horizontal in the water, achieving that awesome and flat trim position that enhances safety, reduced entanglements, and allows for greater efficiency in the water. Overall, this improves gas consumption and team awareness.

Significant advantages in trim and balance can be gained by moving weight pockets up the body, off the hips, and keeping them closer to the cylinder. No longer will you feel the lead dragging you down into a seahorse position--further assists weight distribution for all women divers'.

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