Personal Gear (Mask, Fins, Snorkels)

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Personal Gear is essential to seeing, and moving through the water. This is commonly referred to as a combination of your mask, fins, and snorkel. Our personal gear packages are a great way to save money, and take advantage of big discounts. We have packages for every person, and every type of application: snorkeling, SCUBA Diving, freediving, and even playing in the pool for the kids. 



    29 products
    200ft Viz mask defog
    Sold Out
    Mask Defog
    Reef-Friendly Mask Defog
    Sale price $8.95 Regular price $9.99 Save 10%
    Sold Out
    Black/Blue Black/Yellow Black/Titanium White/Pink +1
    Ultra SD Snorkel
    Sold Out
    Black/Red Black/Yellow Clear/Black
    SV1 Snorkel
    Aqua Blue Pink Purple +3
    X1 Bladefin
    Red Pink Aqua Blue +3
    Atomic Blade Fins
    Sold Out
    Black Red
    Venom Frameless
    Technica Mask
    Aqua Black Blue Pink +4
    SubFrame Mask
    Black Clear
    Frameless 2 Mask
    Black Pink Purple Clear
    Frameless Mask
    Black Blue Red
    Venom Mask
    Sold Out
    Black/Titanium Black/Blue Clear/Aqua Clear/Pink +1
    Duo Mask
    Sold Out
    Poseidon Black Line Mask
    Poseidon Red Line Mask
    Black White Red
    Black / Red / White Line Mask
    Mask ThreeDee (3D) - Black Skirt
    Mask ThreeDee (3D) - Black Skirt
    Black Kevlar Red Yellow
    Mask ThreeDee (3D) - Black Skirt
    Sale price $89.95 Regular price $99.95 Save 10%
    Deep 6 Signature Mask Black Skirt
    Deep 6 Signature Mask
    from $89.99 Regular price $98.99 Save 9%
    Sold Out
    Xdeep Radical Mask
    Xdeep radical mask in black and clear
    Black Clear
    XDEEP Radical Mask
    Red Black Blue White
    Sold Out
    Poseidon Snorkel White
    Poseidon Snorkel Red
    Black Red White
    Black Line Snorkel (Foldable)
    Sale price $29.95 Regular price $34.95 Save 14%
    EX1-Fins-medium 800px
    EX1-Fins-medium 800px
    Negative EX-1 Fins (with springs)
    Deep 6 Eddy Flipper FIN Black
    Deep 6 Eddy Flipper FIN Black
    Black Orange Blue White
    Deep 6 Eddy Flippers
    Snorkel Vests
    Black/Titanium Black/Blue Black/Yellow White/Pink +1
    Arid Snorkel
    Sold Out
    Cyanea Mask
    Shadow Mask
    Sold Out
    Mini Shadow Mask
    Freedom Masks and Snorkel Set
    Sale price $54.99 Regular price $70.00 Save 21%
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